(***Knife of Dreams Spoiler*** I tagged it. And that’s probably the best I can do.)

Wheel of Time triple commission - status: APPROVED! Yay! A big thanks to Andrew who gave me a great deal of artistic freedom and was very patient with me as I toiled along on his project, (and who I wanted to make sure was happy with the end result before I posted the final images, no matter how much they were burning a hole in my pocket).

Some time ago Andrew contacted me and asked if I could do three character concept portraits in the same funky aged concept art style I had used for some of my original characters (this one in particular). Now, here in lies the challenge…in spite of my love for all things fantastical and adventurous, I’d never heard of the books. (Sacrilege, I know!) They are on my reading list, trust me. So I relied on Andrew’s descriptions, paired with a few images he felt properly portrayed certain aspects of each character. Then I scoured the interwebs for excerpts and sample chapters and anything I could dig up that would help emulate their personalities (and fell in love with the story in the process). So to you, loyal WoT fans, I humbly bow. I hope I have done your beloved characters justice. I did take some artistic liberties as I did not want my vision to directly copy anything from another artist. That’s not to say the idea hasn’t been done before, but it is always important for an artist to make his or her vision his or her own. I hope you enjoyed them, and thank you for looking. ♥

Pencil & Photoshop, final size is 9x12, museum quality giclee
As this is a commission, I will not be selling prints of these three pieces, though there will probably be more WoT art in my future.